CHELSEY LOUISE, (vocals) was born a baby. Her first words were, "No autographs, please." Her mother, being a musical theatre nut, sat her down in front of the television and made her watch "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (which Chelsey called "LIPS") and "Return to Oz" (the screwed up sequel to 'Wizard of Oz'). She romped around to "Love Shack" by the B52's at an early age, and eventually, amoungst many bad hair cuts and bad clothing decisions, she (may have..) graduated high school. She then went, "What to do with my life?" The answer was: Start a band. So she did. And it was good. And there was light. Pluto is not a planet.

BENNY MILLER, (guitar) plays the guitar to quiet his mind, and to keep it safe from thoughts of a never ending universe, human nature, and complex paradoxes. Those thoughts like to keep him from sleeping and make him believe that his body is on fire while his brain slips slowly into madness. Lobster claws for hands make it difficult to drive. A true appreciation for the never ending quest to find things that are “beautiful” and the realization that these objects exist everywhere one is willing to look, keeps him sane, and safe, and sleepy.

JENNY REBECCA, (keyboard/back up vocals) is a piano playin', harmonica-wailin', tambourine-slappin' human being. She was born and raised in the Arizona sun, spent a year in the New York snow, and will one day, live on Pluto (which is a planet). She spends her days writing silly (and not so silly) songs, walking extremely long distances, sharing shoes with Chelsey, and attempting to figure out what the hell she is here for. She occasionally goes to school, where she takes many, many credits, and then drops them slowly. She has no idea how to use most technology, and her phone is 1,000 years old.

ROBERT CIUCA, (bass) is a man of mystery. No, kidding. He recently switched from rhythm guitar to the much more suitable bass, and thus, he moves more on stage. He spends his days avoiding all conflict, eating massive amounts of food (and never gaining any weight), and creating magnificent oil and watercolor paintings (Smoking Jellyfish Ciuca Creations). He has seen Dave Matthews Band too many times to count on two hands, and finds inspiration in many things that grow from the ground. He studies audio production at Scottsdale Community College, and currently works at Harkins Theatres. He comes home every night smelling of popcorn (and "butter flavoring"- it's vegan, be afraid) and angry, old people. He is in Jennys phone as "Uncle Earth," but she can't remember why. Something about an incense burner. He once had a small mohawk.

ADAM SALOW, (drums) is a guy who has arms.

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