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about born loser and the hangers on


"New-Age Cardigans mixed with an Old-Age, Arcade Fire." Back-Pocket Letters, 2010

Born Loser and the Hangers On, commonly shortened to “BLATHO,” is a 5-piece, American indie pop/rock group, who will never die at the age of twenty-seven. They formed in 2009, and after many close calls (usually narrowly missing being hit by cars) evolved into the multi-faceted group they are today.

In high school, they were involved in the following extra-curricular activities: President of the Chess Club, Editor-in-Chief of the Newspaper, President of the Rotary Club, National Honours Society, President of the Anime Club, President of MADD, President of the Association for Underprivileged Phoenix Epileptic Dogs, and Treasurer of Truancy.

The members spend their free time studying the complexities of the human brain. Their most recent research has shown that heavy repetition of phrases causes better memory retention. For example:

Listen to BLATHO,

Listen to BLATHO,

Listen to BLATHO.

The band is planning to use this knowledge to take over the musical world. Or, just the world.

The debut EP from Phoenix based indie pop/rock band Born Loser and the Hangers On, released March 2011, is an album has songs on it that you may listen to while doing most anything: washing dishes, jogging, baking, laughing, sleeping, weeding the garden, or even surfing. But nothing else. It is limited to those activities previously listed. Thank you.

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